California is being shortchanged by a few large corporations and wealthy commercial property owners not paying their fair share in taxes. Over nearly forty years, this has impacted our schools, roads, community colleges, parks and public safety.
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With over 66 million dead trees and increasing temperatures throughout California, wildfires have led to devastating losses. Steep budget cuts mean fewer firefighters and resources to respond to emergencies.
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Joining the fight to Make it Fair for all Californians means raising as much as $9 billion in additional tax revenue to protect hard working Californians.
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Large corporations are manipulating a law passed in 1978, which we support, that would protect homeowners. Due to the loophole, corporations can legally get away with not paying their fair share of taxes. Smart reform to update CA’s commercial property tax will ensure that large corporations pay their fair share of taxes like you and I do. Protect homeowners, renters and small businesses, and restore funding to our schools, roads and parks. Read our Frequently Asked Questions to get the full scoop.
Join the fight to Make It Fair.
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Voices and News

A broad coalition of California organizations from environmental to social justice to labor, community and religious leaders are committed to Make It Fair. Read their stories and get the latest news and updates on this movement.
Join the fight to Make It Fair.
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