Donald Trump is planning big tax cuts for corporations and will pay for them with massive budget cuts— taking away health care, education, job training and even Meals on Wheels from millions of Americans. Right here in California these same wealthy corporations are pocketing over $9 billion dollars in commercial property tax breaks every year – money that should be going to education, health care and all the other local services Trump wants to take away. California can no longer afford it. Big corporations and the wealthy need to pay their fair share.
Make big corporations pay their fair share.

Currently, big corporations like Chevron are reaping billions of dollars per year off the property tax code. Donald Trump will give them billions more in tax cuts. Make It Fair lets Californians fight back — making these corporations pay their fair share.

Fund local schools and vital services.

Make It Fair will bring funding where it can do the most good — into our neighborhoods — funding local schools, firefighters, health clinics and other important local services.

Protect small business.

The corporations benefiting from the corporate loophole in Prop 13 are predominantly large corporations with out-of-state owners. Make It Fair includes tax breaks for small businesses to allow them to compete, and will improve the business climate for new investment, stimulate economic growth and create jobs.


Add your name to the growing list of Californians who agree we need to Make It Fair and rebuild local communities!