Tell CA Legislators to Make It Fair!

Donald Trump’s election has cast a shadow over everything we have been fighting for. He is working to give countless billions of dollars in tax cuts to wealthy corporations while slashing funding for schools, healthcare, and other vital services.

It’s time to fight back. Make it Fair will return billions of dollars to California that wealthy corporations have been keeping out of the system thanks to a loophole in the tax code.


SIGN THE PETITION to tell California legislators:

Passing the Make It Fair amendment is critical to making California more self-reliant in the face of massive budget cuts that the Trump administration has aimed at our schools, hospitals, roads, libraries, parks, public transit, and other essential services. As a Californian who cares about my community and the prosperity of our state, we must fix the commercial property tax system to ensure a level playing field and make big corporations and wealthy real estate investors pay their fair share. I ask that you please vote yes on the Make It Fair amendment.


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